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                        TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE

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As part of their commitment to continuous innovation, Caesarstone® are implementing a
plan to transition their current, market-leading design collection to a new crystalline silica-
free formulation
which will retain the same ease of fabrication and functional performance
characteristics as current materials. This new material will launch in Australia in the first half of 2024.

In addition, Caesarstone® will introduce new designs into their Porcelain collection in the
first half of 2024. Their Porcelain brings additional functional performance to kitchen
benchtops as well as being UV resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Every Caesarstone® surface has a lifetime warranty, which is not impacted by these changes.

Read more about the Australian Government Ban and the transitional period and related
FAQs here.


                      New Porcelain Colours Coming March 2024


Beautiful surface designs that integrate & bring stunning visual interest into your home or workspace.

While prioritising sustainability, the unique formulation of these surfaces utilises natural minerals, innovative materials, and recycled materials to drive the evolution of engineered stone and create the next generation of surfaces.

From March 2024 Caesarstone® will be rolling out their 0% silica versions of their mineral range.


Caesarstone Porcelain, remarkable in design, strength, heat and stain resistance.

Explore the possibilities.

Caesarstone® Porcelain is designed for increased strength, everlasting beauty, and extreme-heat resistance. The blend of natural raw materials makes it resilient to the elements and prolonged UV exposure, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Designed and tested to withstand the sun’s rays and the most extreme weather conditions, their porcelain surfaces create the ultimate multifunctional space for cooking, dining and entertaining in the comfort of your own outdoor area.