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Is It Time To Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Regularly cooking at home means you're going to be spending quite a bit of time in your kitchen, which can quickly start to lose its visual appeal with every meal. Thankfully, breathing some fresh life into the space can be a lot simpler than tearing down every fixture and replacing every surface – sometimes, all you need is some new panelling, trims, or cabinet doors.

Redefine Your Cabinets

Before we can even begin modifying and upgrading the existing cabinets, it's important that you consider all of your non-cabinet based alternatives first. For instance, if you'd really like to change the layout of your kitchen, it might be worth removing the doors from your cabinets and turning them into open-faced shelves, which can offer an entirely different aesthetic. Repainting the cabinet panels at the same time can leave you wondering when exactly you stepped into a stranger's kitchen.

Topography Is An Undervalued Science

You can spend a good amount of your time looking into cabinets and, by extension, staring at their doors, but if you'd like to create a sense of change without needing to bust out the screwdriver and hope you can fit a new hinge without issue, then you might want to consider altering the cabinet face instead. Making a change here can be as simple as getting some bead board and sticking it to the side of the cabinet, or you can buy some wooden planks and grind out a custom design to lend your home a sense of individuality that couldn't be found anywhere else.

Colour Theory 101

Of course, while you can change the structure of the kitchen, it might just be easier to come in with a splash of fresh paint or some new hardware to transform the space entirely. Every hinge, every handle, every screw help contribute to the colour scheme of your kitchen, so replacing any erroneous colours with more appealing choices may be an option you'd like to investigate, or you can instead choose to repaint every exposed surface. Of course, if making a permanent change like this isn't possible, it might be better to instead use contact paper, which can be removed whenever you'd like to restore your original cabinet faces.

It Really Could Be As Simple As Replacing The Cabinet Doors

With all of that said, one of the easiest ways to enact huge change in your kitchen is to simply sweep through and replace every door you can get your hands on. Thankfully, making these changes is simple with Customea, as we can supply you with a great range of custom cabinet doors that are compatible with a broad selection of Ikea products and will look fantastic in any kitchen. We can help you select a size, shape, and colour to complement your current kitchen, or you can use our custom doors as the basis for a new design. For all custom IKEA doors in Australia, click “SHOP NOW” below!

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